You Better Get Goin’ Mobile and Here’s Why…

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I’m goin’ home And when I wanna go home I’m goin’ mobile Well, I’m gonna find a home And we’ll see how it feels Goin’ mobile Keep me movin’ – Goin’ Mobile, The Who The Mobile Web While The Who’s mobile was the freedom of the open road, the mobile web allows one the freedom … Read More

Make Way for Basie – WordPress 3.7 is here

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Last night Automattic launched version 3.7 of WordPress – codenamed “Basie” in honor of Count Basie. According to their blog post, here are the big updates WordPress website owners need to be know: Auto Updates: With WordPress 3.7, you no longer have to press any buttons to apply future maintenance and security updates. The update … Read More

What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for Speeding Up My Website?

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If your WordPress-powered website seems super slow or you just think your visitor’s experience could be enhanced, your blog likely would benefit from caching. Caching reduces the blog’s download times by serving up static HTML, as opposed to heavier PHP scripts, and can increase your overall performance. Remember, Google is now indexing sites with speed … Read More

What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for Integrating Google Tools?

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We always recommend that you include Google tools as part of your WordPress-powered websites’s success strategy. With these WordPress plugins, you can not only attract Googlebots but attach your analytics to measure your growth. ContentRobot Recommends: Google Analytics for WordPress If you want to track your WordPress site’s metadata easily (views per author & category, … Read More

What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for Adding Video?

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Want a better way to add videos to your WordPress-powered website? While WordPress 3.6 allows you to embed video players for uploaded media directly into any post or page, you may appreciate more control with these advanced tools and plugins. ContentRobot Recommends: Viper’s Video Quicktags Viper’s Video Quicktags allows easy and XHTML valid posting of … Read More

What’s a Great WordPress Plugin For Security?

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By now you’ve removed your “admin” account, but there’s even more you can do keep hackers out of your blog. Every WordPress-powered website can benefit by implementing a few additional security measures. Is your website exposed? Do you have an insecure WordPress setup? These can be easily remedied by installing one or more of these … Read More

What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for SEO?

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If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Taking the time to do search engine optimization (SEO) will encourage major search engines to come and index your blog, so that others can discover your brilliance. Your readers will appreciate that they found you among the organic listings (as opposed to paying for placement) with your … Read More

What’s a Great WordPress Plugin For Sharing Content?

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If your readers love your content, they certainly want to share it on their own influential networks. Word-of-mouth marketing can certainly help you to gain credibility and increase your reach. Once you are viewed as a reliable blogger, these content ripples will only boost your status as an A-lister to be reckoned with. Let visitors … Read More