Hackers Just Want to Ruin Your Day

WordPress software is inherently secure, yet hackers will do just about anything to get into your site. From the earlier pharma hacks to the more recent brute-force attacks, how do you know if your website is vulnerable?

Potential Intrusion Points

Does your WordPress site have one or more of the following?:

  • Outdated software (Older WordPress and plugins in your install)
  • Administrator accounts named “admin” or “administrator”
  • Weak passwords
  • Old Timthumb script in your theme

Let ContentRobot Lock Down Your WordPress Site

How we can help:

  • Remove admin accounts named administrator or admin
  • Update older wp-config.php files to add keys and salts
  • Install an arsenal of helpful WordPress plugins, including Login Lockdown
  • Integrate helpful third party tools such as CloudFlare and Sucuri
  • Scan for security holes and lock down your site
  • Review your WordPress install and technical environment with a WordPress-Powered Website Audit or WordPress-Powered Website Audit + SEO

Stop hackers before they hijack your WordPress site and ruin your day!