Internet Marketing with WordPress: A ContentRobot Review

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Packt Publishing was kind enough to send us another blogging book for review. This time we got an opportunity to check out Internet Marketing with WordPress by David Mercer. Our first impression was: Wow, this book is short. Luckily, we believe that “good things come in small packages.” We were not at all disappointed – this … Read More

Best Books for Giving or Receiving for the 2011 Holidays

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It’s no secret that the ContentRobot team loves to read. Each year, we offer our most recommended and favorite books from this year. Our 2011 list is presented alphabetically by author and includes a variety business, blogging (of course!), and inspirational selections. We are also pleased to note that some books were, in fact, written … Read More

ThinkTweet Book 1 – a review in 140 characters

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Rajesh Setty, author of the popular blog (and book) Life Beyond Code, recently has published ThinkTweet Book 1. ContentRobot was pleased to read his  tweet-sized wisdom on every page. Here is what we thought of the book (in 140 characters!): What do you get when you mix Mark Twain’s insight w/ Seth Godin’s biz acumen, and … Read More

WordPress for Business Bloggers: A Book Review

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ContentRobot couldn’t wait to dive into our copy of WordPress for Business Bloggers by Paul Thewlis (published by Packt Publishing). While we have our own methodology, we were quite interested in his approach and the advice he has for the business blogger blogger-to-be. Thewlis chose to navigate the reader through a sample case study, which … Read More

ContentRobot’s Black Friday 2008 Blogging Book List

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Let the shopping begin! ContentRobot offers these blogging books to give and to receive. How To Use a Blog to Build Your Business: Blogging and Your Online and Offline Business (Paperback) by Quick Easy Guides Blogging (Paperback) by Jill Walker Rettberg (Author) (no image available) Blogging 100 Success Secrets – 100 Most Asked Questions on … Read More

Always Be Testing

Recommended Reading, SEO

Our pals at FutureNow announced the availability of their newest book: Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer. If you want more leads, sales, and profits from your website, then you need to test, test, test. Google Website Optimizer is all about testing, and this book shows you how to use that … Read More

Summer 2008 Reading: The Best Blogging Books

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ContentRobot likes these blogging books, which were published between January to June 2008. We think they are essential for your summer reading. Secret Power of Blogging : How to Promote and Market Your Business, Organization, or Cause with Free Blogs by Bruce C. Brown How to Make Money with Your Blog : The Ultimate Reference … Read More