Why is blogging and other forms of new media becoming more and more popular?

1. We want to participate
Generally, we’ve been led by the hand by “experts” and reporters who present us with the news and other knowledge – and we passively consumed what they said. Today, not only do we want the latest information given to us, but we want to interact and participate in it. New media (such as blogs, podcasts, a camera phone image sharing) promotes expertise in the collective rather than the individual.

2. We are suspicious of “institution”
Government, church, business, mainstream media, and other institutions, in many people’s view, no longer hold the respect and admiration it once did. What’s we’re left with is a lot of disillusionment and suspicion of bigger entities. We now look toward many smaller players (often bloggers) who can offer a fresher, alternative opinion. 

3. We desire to connect
While we seem to revere individualism, there is a basic need to connect with one another. Blogs, at their best, involve conversations, collective learning, and being a part of things that are bigger than just yourself.

4. We seek out diverse opinions
The world is getting smaller and a lot less “black and white,” and it’s now OK to entertain different opinions and a clash of ideas. Blogs often allow discourse of thought through comments and discussion.

5. We want it now
No one wants to wait any longer than they have to. And new media, by its very nature, is light footed, nimble and quick to report and publish news and information.

Thanks to Problogger for his original musings on the subject.