WordPress’s Theme Customizer

Blog Design

WordPress 3.4 introduced a pretty neat feature: the theme customizer. You can now test out various looks and settings for your theme without launching those changes live. In the past, ContentRobot took advantage of a plugin called Theme Test Drive, which allowed only signed-in admins to make and view theme changes. Now, for themes that … Read More

Dana Rockel Rocks

Blog Design, Blog Development

Thanks, SmartLife for naming ContentRobot’s Dana Rockel among your Top 50+ Blog Service Providers. He landed at #43! We appreciate the mention and acknowledgment of his fine work.

ContentRobot is Blue

Blog Design, ContentRobot News

No, we’re not depressed – ContentRobot took the next leap in our redesign! What’s new? More Streamlined Copy – We could pare down our copy to focus more on how we can help and less about what blogging is (since lots more people are aware of it). Updated Navigation – We simplified the nav to … Read More

WordPress Media Manager + Flash Uploader = Woes

Blog Design, WordPress

Recently we extolled the virtues of WordPress’s Media Manager and its relative ease to add images to your posts. After upgrading several client sites to WP 2.5/2.6, we must say in practice that there is still work to be done here. Our beef? WordPress relies on Flash to upload media. This means that you get … Read More

ContentRobot.com’s Design Update

Blog Design, Blog Development

Our regular readers might notice that a new look is starting to come to ContentRobot.com. What’s new? the shell is getting poured in our tagline was tweaked the blue gets darker and more techy the navigation buttons are stylized a textured background anchors the design While there is much to be done (the internal pages … Read More

Internet Geek Girl v2.0

Blog Design, Clients

ContentRobot relaunched InternetGeekGirl.com today! Once integrated with StephanieAgresta.com, this blog gets its own look and matches the branding set by  Affiliate Karma. The highlights of IGG include: A cool combo of girly-tech with the pinks, oranges, and blacks Web 2.0-inspired fonts Tons of widgets in the sidebar to highlight events, social marketing, and blog navigation … Read More

Designing and Developing a WordPress Theme

Blog Design

What you are currently seeing on our site is ContentRobot’s “starter” WordPress theme. Dubbed “New3Column2pt0,” this simple shell contains very minimal styling and acts mainly to display the most basic 3 column functionality with an added Web 2.0 footer feature area. We have a collection of various “starter” themes with either one, two or three … Read More

What Year is It on Your Blog?

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Are you still writing 2007 on your checks (if you are still writing them)? Even tho we are over two weeks into the new year, are you still struggling to say this is 2008? Now … what does your blog’s copyright date say? Scroll down to see your footer, do you see © Copyright 2007 … Read More