SEOing Your Blog with Tags

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Blogs are great in attracting search engine indexing because they, by their very nature, are updated often with fresh, relevant content. Beyond implementing the excellent All in One SEO plugin, what else can you do to optimize your blog? Tag your posts. What is a Tag? Tagging allows you to add keywords to your posts. … Read More

Semi-Live Blogging the #bwe08 Keynote

Blogging Strategies

Dave Taylor kicked off BlogWorld Expo’s Executive & Entrepreneur Day keynote earlier and discussed the “State of Blogging and Where It’s Heading.” Here are some of the highlights: Blogging is …. Storytelling (core human need is to communicate) Biased, as nothing is objective All about giving communicators the freedom to experiment and try it out … Read More

What’s Going on With Blogging?

Blogging Strategies

As big advocates of blogging, some of the latest stories about blogging were downright troubling: Forrester’s report that most corporate blogs are “unimaginative failures” Original A-list blogger, Jason Calcanis, announcing he’s quitting blogging in favor of developing an email list Even Problogger recently an a series about “letting your blog go” So, what’s going on? … Read More