Twitter + WordPress = tweetsites!

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Nine Lives Media recently asked us, “Can you build a Twitter aggregator on top of WordPress?” We answered, “Sure!”ContentRobot then built them two blog-powered tweetsites that we wanted to share with everyone. MSPtweet This site tracks top executives, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and businesses from across the global managed services industry. For the loudest tweets in … Read More

Dana Rockel Rocks

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Thanks, SmartLife for naming ContentRobot’s Dana Rockel among your Top 50+ Blog Service Providers. He landed at #43! We appreciate the mention and acknowledgment of his fine work.

Dana’s Dream: An IE6-less world

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Dana twittered this morning: I have a dream that someday IE6 will just vanish. This led to an interesting discussion, as ContentRobot contemplated what life would be like without having to deal with the most horrible browser on the planet! This aging Microsoft mess (Internet Explorer 6 was launched six years ago!) causes much woe … Read More’s Design Update

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Our regular readers might notice that a new look is starting to come to What’s new? the shell is getting poured in our tagline was tweaked the blue gets darker and more techy the navigation buttons are stylized a textured background anchors the design While there is much to be done (the internal pages … Read More is on WordPress 2.5

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PSST! Did you know that up until recently that ContentRobot’s company website had been running atop of *gasp* Drupal? Yes “the WordPress experts” finally converted to this superior platform when we launched our “naked theme” site last month. While we were hoping to be farther along and show off parts of our new look, we … Read More

Client Site Hacks and Other Musings

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Seth Godin wrote a post today about “managing urgencies.” In ContentRobot’s world, if a client site goes down, it’s our urgent responsibility to stop whatever we are doing to get their site fixed and back online. Yesterday, a highly trafficked, highly customized blog-powered website, was hacked. We tracked it down to a malicious script that … Read More

Build a Blog-Powered Website Now

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Earlier this week, we met Newt Barrett of Succeeding Today, and publisher of Content Marketing Today to discuss the concept of blog-powered websites. Newt is in the discipline of content marketing. He urges marketers to think like publishers by delivering essential, relevant, and timely information that makes customers smarter and wiser–and much more likely to … Read More