It’s 2013 – A Great Time to Get Back to Blogging

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Pinterist is today’s latest social media darling and invariably that brings out a slew of “blogging is dead” posts. Sure it’s another platform that allows you to share interests both simply and visually. The great thing about the Internet is that self-publishing continues to get easier and there are lots of ways to build your … Read More

Businesses Love WordPress

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Chris Garrett, one of our favorite bloggers from across the pond, posted a story today about why WordPress is gaining a foothold in the business community. Here are some of the highlights of this article: … The growing use of WordPress as a platform rather than as a blog. Many people are now looking to … Read More

How Small Businesses Can Get the Most from Blogging

Business Blogging

What do blogs do for small businesses that websites do not? Here are 10 benefits … Give a personal face onto the brand. Allow you to position yourself as an expert, or trusted adviser, who strives to educate first and sell second. Provide fresh, focused content without the PR-speak. Steady content sets the table for … Read More

5 Ways You Can Harm Your Brand with Bad Blogging

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Chris Garrett wrote in his story the ways How Could Bad Blogging Hurt Your Company today. He made these five great points: Saying Something Damaging Because internet news travels at light speed, provides its own evidence, and is hard to erase, it can be devastating to your reputation. Be sure to be aware of potential … Read More

Marketing on Blogs

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Seth Godin’s blog has a nifty post today about Push and Pull. Basically, it describes how RSS feeds offer push marketing on blogs. By encouraging visitors to subscribe to your blog, each post is then “pushed” to them. No longer are they required to hunt (or pull) for this information daily because it shows up … Read More

Using Business Blogs to Tell Your Stories

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Quick … name one of your favorite memories of summer camp? We bet that quite a few of you would say the stories (scary and otherwise!) that you listened to around the campfire. Why do we remember those stories? It could be becasue you were sharing something together or that you were so fully entertained. … Read More