Our good friend Angel Djambazov is back blogging!

He recently relaunched Angel Talks Film, a WordPress-powered website where¬†Djambazov posts previews, rants, and reviews on the latest movies. It’s fun to read about his thoughts of various trailers, specific movie scenes, and even unique actor perspectives.

Since he resurrected his interest in writing, ContentRobot just had to help him with his redesign. We recommended and customized the Fable Theme by Elegant Themes. Why do we like it for this particular project?

  • The featured image functionality displays a nice big image for every post
  • The bigger font makes the look very clean, modern, and readable
  • The full screen design (without sidebars) is reminiscent of a movie screen
  • All post types (standard, gallery, quote, and video) look great
  • It’s responsive so it looks great not only on the desktop, but also sweet on your favorite smartphone or tablet

If you are interested in the movies (and who isn’t), check out AngelTalksFilm.com!