Today, Jason Calcanis mused that Corporate Vlogs are the future of PR .. Why? He cites his experience with adding Mahalo Daily videos.

Since they started, the videos have gotten four million views. Of those four million, say two million people, have come in contact with the Mahalo brand. And don’t discount the archival value of the shows, where you can add another 2-4m views over their lifetime of the video.

He expects that the videos can pay for itself easily after one year. Consider if you were to pay for four million 15 second spots on the web, the cost would be $25 for each 1,000 views–or $100,000. Their initial $250,000 investment in the Mahalo Daily a year will bring in–if the growth continues–somewhere between 15-30M viewers a year.

Why did they add a video component? The Mahalo team wants to:

  1. Entertain people
  2. Inform people
  3. Represent and build the brand
  4. Be a creative outlet for the team

Finally, Calcanis projected that in another three years, every company will have not only a corporate blog but a corporate vlog. The New York Times, JetBlue, American Express, and Apple will communicate with their leading customers with regular videos.

Do you agree with Jason? Will you develop a video-based strategy?