What is BlogOnCloud9?

BlogOnCloud9 is a WordPress-centric hosting company that focuses on these 3 things:

  1. WordPress Hosting: BlogOnCloud9 provides WordPress bloggers with a reliable, solid hosting platform that grows along with our clients.
  2. ContentRobot Support: We bring many years of successful WordPress blog development, design, and technical experience to support you.
  3. Cloud Technology: Offers a solid scalable architecture (perfect for ever-expanding traffic) that is ideal for WordPress blogs.

Why We Built Our Own WordPress Host

While there were many reasons, here are the main ones that frustrated us and our clients the most:

  • We saw first-hand how under-performing hosts treat bloggers and their web presences. Not too nicely!
  • We were tired of working with shoddy hosting tools, slow hardware, and hard-to-reach, unhelpful support (who didn’t or couldn’t support WordPress). Buyer beware!
  • We were unimpressed with hosts’ over-inflated boasts of storage, bandwidth, and speed claims. Oh, the lies!

We knew we could do better.

What BlogOnCloud9 offers:

  • Three plans that offer plenty of bandwidth and storage options for any budget.
  • We do all the setup for you, quickly and professionally.
  • Free migrations from under-performing hosts.
  • A custom installation of the latest WordPress software and plugins, which are configured for optimum security, advanced SEO, analytics, and blogging tools.
  • All installations are kept up-to-date – never worry about upgrades again!
  • Expert WordPress support via email, forums, and our knowledge base.
  • Nightly backups of your WordPress files, uploads, and database, minimizing any data loss and/or downtime due to any unforeseen technical issues.
  • Development areas for testing themes, upgrades, and other enhancements offline – this minimizes blog breakage and/or visitor confusion as you iterate.