This is the final post in our series about building the Timex athlete blog. Today we want to focus on the blog’s design.

Business blogs should strive to have their own look-and-feel, yet they should be obviously branded (with the company logo, colors, etc.) and integrated into the rest of the company’s marketing materials.

For the Timex athlete blog, the goals were this:

  • Sport the new company logo.
  • To match the corporate web site’s color scheme: red, black, and grey.
  • Take cues (for fonts, buttons, and other widgets) from the new marketing online and print campaigns.
  • Show off the triathlon lifestyle using lots of pictures.
  • Create a texture and splash that exhibits the sport and its particular attitude.

While there are several ready-made templates out there, it will become apparent that your company’s blog design should be created from scratch to ensure that it meets all your goals. Check out more design ideas here.

In this series, ContentRobot revealed the strategies and best practices we used when developing the Timex athlete blog and how we’d approach your business blog project.

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