While business blogging has become the trademark of forward-thinking companies, you need to establish some best practices to derive the benefits it has to offer.

Know What You’re Doing.
Senior management and the legal department should be educated about what blogs are and how they might affect business.

Reinforce the Company’s Core Values.
Make sure that any posted content fits the firm’s values and supports the business strategy.

Create Blogging Policies.
Blogging policies should state (among other issues) that bloggers do not share trade secrets, make personal lives public, post financial information, and do not use blog for negative publicity.

Avoid the Marketing Blog.
Making your blog into a blatant marketing campaign is a bad idea. Customers are looking for real answers and honest opinions. They will pick up on insincerity instantly.

Keep It Fresh.
Make content relevant and timely with the most worthwhile news to encourage people to come back.

Fine Print.
Since there are so many legal issues surrounding blogs, it is imperative to include a disclaimer and limitation of liability.