Found this gem at the Robert Scoble blog: Big conferences are dead…

So, why does anyone need to go to a big conference to hear the news again? Simple: you don’t. It’s not worth doing.

Not when a CEO can write a blog, get more people to visit it in 36 hours than would probably visit his booth at the Detroit Auto Show.

How do you get news out? Invite a blogger over for lunch. It doesn’t matter who the blogger is. If the news is interesting it’ll spread and spread fast.

ContentRobot thinks that business blogs should routinely offer timely stories that feature announcements and analysis. Blog readers will tend to go online first to find out information about any products and services that interest them.

Why hold back your news for the next big conference? Let people check it out on your blog rather than having to spend the time and the money to travel across the country to jostle with a bunch of other people all trying to find out the same thing.

It’s a win-win for everyone. So, save your conference bucks and pour them into thoughtfully-written blogs.