Entrepreneur Magazine has included our thoughts about blogging trends in their December issue!

What did we say? There are 3 ways to see it!


To see it online, it’s sorta cumbersome with their carousel plugin, but here’s how to see it in context:

  1. Go to the URL: http://www.entrepreneur.com/hottrends/web.html
  2. Click on the yellow arrow:
  3. Scroll down to the 2nd paragraph titled: BLOGGING


  1. Flip to page 68
  2. Enjoy


OK, here it is:

“In the blogosphere, the opportunity for entrepreneurs lies more in the implementation of blogs than in starting a blog-related business. “People are thirsty for knowledge and want their voices to be heard,” says Karen Jackie, a blogging expert and principal at ContentRobot.com, and starting a blog “is an easy way for small businesses to tell their story and [let customers join] the conversation.” Leveraging this powerful tool requires ongoing commitment, but blogging will become easier with evolving technology, multiauthor efforts and mergers with social networks. Says Jackie,“Blog-powered websites will phase out the lonely, static corporate website.”

Thanks, Entrepreneur Magazine for including us!