No, we’re not depressed – ContentRobot took the next leap in our redesign!

What’s new?

  • More Streamlined Copy – We could pare down our copy to focus more on how we can help and less about what blogging is (since lots more people are aware of it).
  • Updated Navigation – We simplified the nav to reflect our main offerings: blogs and blog-powered websites, WordPress expertise) along with links to our portfolio and a “hire us” form.
  • Home Page Features – Click on any button in the nav to reveal a succinct overview displaying what we are all about and a featured project.  Also, explore our themes & plugins, our new WeFixWP service, and (of course) our blog.
  • Interior Pages – Within any feature, click on any link or project to see how we’ve designed our (converted) pages in blue.

What’s next?

  • Review Every Page – Ensure that all copy has been reviewed and all pages converted to the “new blue.” Yes, that contact form is ugly still!
  • The Blog – The poor blog needs to be integrated into our new look. But we are getting there!

We are excited with our new branding. Hope you like it, too!