Guidewire Group and iUpload published a study called “Blogging in the Enterprise — Corporate Blogging Drives Next Wave of Social Media Adoption.”

ContentRobot is pleased to share the highlights with you, as we agree that corporate blog adoption is both recent and accelerating. We offer some key findings here — our favorite one is “no respondent reported launching a blog initiative that was found to be unsuccessful.”

Who’s Blogging Now?

  • Corporations of all sizes and industries are adopting blogging technologies and practices.
  • 53% of companies are now blogging.
  • More than half of all corporate blogs have started within the last year (the majority were started since June of this year).
  • 55% of corporations have adopted blogs for both internal (91.4%) and external (96.6%) communications, and are finding significant benefit.

Why Aren’t Corporations Blogging?”

  • Barriers are limited when compared to other emerging technologies, and are not significantly related to technology issues.
  • Of corporations that do not yet blog, 57% say they are unsure of the benefits.
  • 42% of those who do blog say that maintaining enthusiasm for the blog deployment is the largest barrier to success.
  • Establishing editorial policy (14%) and dealing with inappropriate comments or content (14%) are less challenging than enlisting management support (18%).
  • 57% of respondents said their reasons for not yet launching a blogging initiative is poor understanding of the benefits blogging can deliver to the organization.
  • Other issues include: measuring effectiveness or results (24%), fear of losing control of the company message (22%), and concern about what employees may write (22%).

What Are the Plans for Corporate Blogging?

  • 7% of respondents intend to start a blog immediately.
  • 13% intending to start a blog within a year.
  • Half said they are studying the possibilities but did not state a time line for blog adoption.
  • 70% of those not yet blogging plan to start.

Want Even More Information?

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