Internal blogging is a great way to manage projects – from improving information flow, reducing clutter, and capturing status. Here’s how to successfully use a business blog for managing projects. Here are 5 good reasons:

1. Communicate with Project Stakeholders
Keep them up-to-date with the progress of the project without bombarding them with email. Use posts to update milestones big and small.

2. Create an Online Paper Trail
Documentation, issues, requirements, snags, and information are easily created and maintained. With categories, version control, archives, and search functionality allows you to easily manage it all.

3. Information Sharing and Knowledge Management
Organize shared passwords, useful URLs, code snippets, screenshots, etc. to build a knowledge base for the existing and future projects.

4. Track Project Progress
Post news, updates and status reports to a corporate-wide blog to keep everyone informed as the project progresses. This is especially useful for across those teammates who are across timezones or all over the world.

5. Team Management
Project blogs can socialize new team members quickly, encourage communication, and create a development environment that takes both people and their ideas seriously. Communication is enhanced because team members can regularly post outcomes, which keeps people not only informed, it also allows for rapid feedback.

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