What ContentRobot Can Do For You

Blog Strategy
Blog strategy provides the overall planning for a corporate blog and becomes the roadmap for nearly all subsequent blog activities. We’ll help you define your Goals / End Results / Success Metrics, perform a SWOT Analysis, and create a Corporate Publishing Policy.

Blog Design and Content Architecture
What the blog looks like to the visitor and the authors? We define and organize the content published and its interrelationship throughout the site. ContentRobot will assist you to create a Blog Design, define Content Categories and Content Policies, outline Team Responsibilities, and develop Marketing Techniques and Traffic Plan.

Blog Training
What skills do teams need in order to successfully blog? We’ll help you to perform Initial Desktop Setup, training on How to Blog.

Blog Support
Once the blog is up, running, and flowing with live content, we can help with the progress. Content Robot can assist with Content Generation, Reviewing Key Metrics, and performing Updates. We can also host your blog, just ask!