You know those products that inspire the “Nod” … like seeing someone working on a Mac Powerbook in a local cafe or the look from fellow MINI Cooper drivers at an intersection.

The Nod recognizes a person who is part of the club or someone who “gets it.” And it goes beyond having something in common.

Does Your Blog Get a Nod?
When we go to your blog, can we inherently assume your readers possess something more and that it inspires others to want to become part of it?

When your blog has any of the following traits, it can go a long way toward getting a (virtual) Nod.

  • Coolness
  • An Acquired Taste
  • Fun
  • Risk-taking / Rule-breaking / Edgy / Bold
  • Advanced / Expert / Elite
  • Smart / Intellectual
  • Individual / More Indie
  • Geekier
  • Wacky / Crazy / Weird

Remember, your blog gets the Nod when it helps your readers be remarkable and earns the respect of others for being a fellow user. Go get the Nod!

Post inspired by Kathy Sierra’s Creating Passionate Users blog.