Express Electrical Service needed a modern website design. Looking for a cleaner, more bold look, we installed and customized the Office responsive WordPress business theme, for these successful Raleigh, NC electricians. Let’s take a look at all we did …

Coded and designed the home page to include:

  • A header that highlights their phone number and social media outposts (now visitors can contact them however they wish)
  • Three large slides and captions to capture their business in a snapshot
  • Six content features that simply describes their special services (also links to their Facebook account and client list)
  • What should you do if your power is out? Yeah, there’s a callout for that.
  • Logos of their business profiles with professional organizations

Standardized the sidebar to include the following elements:

  • A message from the owner (a great video!)
  • A convenient appointment scheduler (to get you serviced fast)
  • Reviews of Express Electrical (lots of 5 star listings!)
  • Quick links to more must-read content

What else did we do?

  • Converted the contents to the new look (we took the the time to insure that all the website’s pages, blog posts, and forms looked good and functioned better than what was currently there before)
  • Cleaned up the CSS for both styling and maximum SEO impact
  • Made sure that the site looked great on the desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Go check it out: