Are you a passionate blogger? As you know, blogging is much more than slapping up a few posts per week.

When we surf around, we can immediately tell who has passion for their subject… from those who can tell a story from a small idea (reminds us of Seinfeld, the show that was “all about nothing”) … to those that can draw you in with a great picture that they took or from an image they found on Flickr.

Beyond politics or iPhone crushes, you too, can you project a little love on your blog. Here’s how:

  • Look for inspiration in everyday life, and think about why it inspires you.
  • Find other blogs that discusses similar likes to yours and and read what they are writing about.
  • Read and/respond to your blog’s comments or ask for input to evoke interest.
  • Talk to your colleagues, family, and friends to see what they are into, perhaps their moods match yours.
  • Listen to music of your childhood, college days, or even something entirely new to awaken feelings and connections to your topic.

The list can go on and on. The point would be to draw from your experiences, moods, thoughts, feelings, and actions to craft personal posts that illustrate your passions as they relate your subject.

Be passionate and keep it up!

Note: This post about passion blogging was inspired by our client, Farmington Valley Goldens, who continually publishes great stories and pix about their dogs and litters.