Dave Taylor kicked off BlogWorld Expo’s Executive & Entrepreneur Day keynote earlier and discussed the “State of Blogging and Where It’s Heading.” Here are some of the highlights:

Blogging is ….

  • Storytelling (core human need is to communicate)
  • Biased, as nothing is objective
  • All about giving communicators the freedom to experiment and try it out (free blogs especially do that and gives you permission to abandon if it isn’t working out)
  • A communication channel with a global reach
  • A bi-directional media

About Bloggers …

  • Some don’t write for an audience, some do it for themselves (example: diaries, not unlike The Diary of Anne Frank, are personal)
  • Gives people the ability to have a voice and be heard
  • Are passionate and often willing to take chances
  • Are journalists who are causing traditional media to lose editorial control
  • Are their own media channel

The State of Blogging is …

  • On the plus side: amazing, informative
  • For the cynics: lame, idiotic, stupid, infuriating and drowning in spam
  • In sum a wonderfully healthy, growing, and evolving phenomenon
  • Blogging is more than blogs, but part of the social media revolution made up of little cultures

How to Join the Future

  • Start by listening
  • There are tons of tools at your disposal
  • Join the party and hang out to determine where they are coming from and interject yourselves into “their” discussion
  • Evangelize then .. stay relevant, communicate, participate, have a voice and use it

It was a great way to kick start the conference!