It’s summertime here and the living is easy … but is your blog suffering from sporadic posting?

Do you feel that you’ve written about everything that needs to be said on your topic or niche?

Did you know that many bloggers hit a dry patch 6 to 12 months into their blog?

Unfortunately, a large number of bloggers tend to give up on their blog when they feel they’ve ‘covered everything’ and think their content is getting thin.

But you can bring your blog back!

Use Your Previous Posts as a Springboard

One trick is to take advantage of all your previous hard work, and go back to your blog’s archives for inspiration for future posts.

This way, you can present a new angle or go deeper on a story that you have written about. Remember, you’ve grown along the way, so there is plenty of room to address the topics again.

Also, current and new readers alike may not have read everything you’ve written. It’s quite alright to dust off an older topic, particularly if you’ve been going at it for several months (or years!).

Doing such allows you to offer different perspectives and answer questions in an alternative way. You’ll be able to infuse fresh energy into your blog.

So, don’t use the weather (or any other excuse) to not maintain the momentum on your blog. Blog.On!