Quick … name one of your favorite memories of summer camp? We bet that quite a few of you would say the stories (scary and otherwise!) that you listened to around the campfire.

Why do we remember those stories? It could be becasue you were sharing something together or that you were so fully entertained. Just as those stories engaged you, your business blog’s more personal stories can be particularly powerful for your readers.

So what kinds of stories can you tell?

Company or Business Stories – Every company has its own story.

  • How did it start?
  • What paths has it taken?
  • What were some of its major successes (and/or failures)?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • How does it interact within its industry?

Product Stories – Each product or service within a company has a story as well.

  • How was the idea born?
  • What need was it was designed to meet?
  • What versions and/or evolutions has been through?
  • How do your customers use it?
  • How does it stack up with your competitions?

Employee Stories – Your company has its particular personality because of its employees – and every one of them has their own story.

  • What experiences do your employees have?
  • What passions and skills make them successful?
  • What projects have they worked on that they have enjoyed?
  • Who have they worked with that made a difference to them?
  • How have they made a difference to the company?

Customer Stories – By telling the stories of customers (with permission of course) can be a very powerful thing both internally and externally for a business.

  • How do they use your products and services?
  • What has their experience been with your company?
  • What is their favorite (or least favorite) thing about your company?
  • How long have they been a customer?
  • Why are they your customer?

Readers will find stories, tips, and personal experiences valuable – and maybe inspiring. Ditch the corporate spinning and start sharing.