ContentRobot has always said that business blogs are easy to start, but hard to keep going for the long haul. Mostly, biz bloggers get writer’s block, feel like they’ve said all they need to say, or just run out of ideas.

SEO Optimize recently posted 50 Blog Post Ideas for Business Blogging, and this handy list will help you find inspiration for that next story.

We especially liked these 10 angles:

1. Envision the future of your industry by extrapolating the current developments
How does the current economic crisis effect your industry? What does it mean for your customers, partners, clients? Then expound.

5. Review a publication dealing with your industry
Go to your favorite online bookstore (Amazon or Barnes & Noble are great choices) and do a search on related books. ContentRobot, for example, features blogging books for both summer and holiday reading.

6. Make a list of the top myths in your industry and debunk them
What do people say that just isn’t true? Write about what is incorrect and use industry stats and facts to back it up.

22. Identify leaders in your area and ask them to guest post on your blog or write for their blog instead
Connecting with bigwigs is a great way to create credibility for your blog – even just having a conversation with any of them can re-energize your writing.

23. Show what went wrong in your company, why and how you dealt with it, learning from mistakes is very helpful for others
While it’s tough to promote bad news (and you might want to hide from it), you’ll find that sharing best practices can make you look like a hero rather than a goat.

31.Take a big brand (or several) and use it as an example for best practices vs mistakes
Compare how Coke or IBM, for example, handled something similar in their recent past. What did you learn from them? How does it help your company and your clients?

39.Take a common issue many people care about and explain how it relates to your business
Social networking tools, particularly Twitter, is a popular trend in the online world. Can you explain to your readers how to get involved with these tools?

47. Check Digg, StumbleUpon or Technorati to find out what’s most popular right now and find a new angle to it
Plug into these resources to see what others are talking about, then add to the conversation.

48. Engage in a discussion on a forum and reprint on your blog
The best way to get ideas is to help others. If you find that you are part of a great thread on another site, share it!

49. Ask people on Twitter a question and blog the best replies
Nothing like the power of the people to help you to see new angles and get inspired. The Twittersphere is always happy to help, just make sure you help in kind.

The common thread here – be engaged and you’ll engage others! Blog.on biz bloggers!