Are you still writing 2007 on your checks (if you are still writing them)? Even tho we are over two weeks into the new year, are you still struggling to say this is 2008?

Now … what does your blog’s copyright date say? Scroll down to see your footer, do you see © Copyright 2007 Your Blog Name?

While it’s a little mistake, it may be big and glaring in the eyes of any unforgiving readers. Don’t give them any reason to question why they should stay on your blog.

If you are on a PHP-driven blog (such as WordPress), you can fix it now and forever. In your footer, merely put the following code to display the year: <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>

For those of you who want to include your starting the copyright date (example: 1998-2008), just code it as follows: 1998-<?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>

Not on WordPress? For hosted solutions and other blog platforms, we suggest that you check out your user guides – but get that timestamp automated.

Now, go out there and show ’em what year we are living in!