If your WordPress-powered website seems super slow or you just think your visitor’s experience could be enhanced, your blog likely would benefit from caching.

Caching reduces the blog’s download times by serving up static HTML, as opposed to heavier PHP scripts, and can increase your overall performance. Remember, Google is now indexing sites with speed in mind. Check out these WordPress plugins to improve your WordPress site’s performance.

ContentRobot Recommends: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache optimizes site performance and the user experience with caching via browser, page, object, database, minify, and content delivery network (CDN) support.

With reduced page load time, visitors are more likely to spend additional time on your site and travel throughout the site. Also, by serving up static HTML files your server’s resources are reduced, which allows you to keep your site up, even during high traffic periods.

Even with minimal configuration, you will notice some serious performance boost. Your Page Speed/YSlow grades will get a nice bump and your visitors will be happy to engage with your site. W3 Total Cache is a must for every successful blog.

Check out W3 Total Cache

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