There can be several points of failure when it comes to blogs. An upgrade could go wrong or an uploaded theme, plugin, or widget can make things go awry. You may even get hacked.

While hosts often backup your information, the data they keep may not be enough to recover quickly. These backup tools and WordPress plugins can help you keep your WordPress-powered website or blog safe for those “just in case” times.

CR Recommends: BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy allows you to take a snapshot of your WordPress database and files with a click of a button.

Scheduling backups is simple (we recommend a nightly database backup and weekly fulls) and the ability to send your files offsite to remote destinations – an email box, Amazon S3, Dropbox – is a great feature.

Other nice options include the built-in malware checker and server information tool. We especially like how quick and easy it is to migrate sites with BackupBuddy. This premium plugin is one of the best backup solutions around.

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Other Backup Tools to Check Out