Themes For Any Budget

Let’s face it – unfair or not – we are judged in seconds about how we look. The same thing is true with websites, so it’s a good idea to put your best foot forward and implement the best design you can.

The current version of WordPress comes pre-installed with the Twenty11 theme. But what if you want a different look? There are a few options, from more expensive to almost free:

  • Create a custom design that is all your own
  • Implement a commercial theme and tweak it
  • Implement a free theme and tweak it

Free and premium (or paid) themes can easily be found in any Google search. But how do you find a good theme? What makes it good? Here are ContentRobot’s recommendations for choosing a good WordPress theme:

The Official WordPress Repository

Themes Created By Reputable Developers

  • Good premium themes often provide more features and customizations
  • Often allows you to get access to various levels of support
  • Woothemes
  • StudioPress
  • iThemes
  • Press75
  • Templatic
  • Elegant Themes
  • Headway

Themes Promoted By Reputable Bloggers

How Do You Know If Your Theme Measures Up?