wp27cookbookThe WeFixWP team are big fans of Jean-Baptiste Jung’s WpRecipes.com blog, and we were excited to learn that he had written WordPress 2.7 Cookbook (published by Packt Publishing this past summer).

This book is a great reference for advanced bloggers who are looking to do more enhancing of their site’s themes, widgets, plug-ins, security, and SEO techniques – over 100 recipes in all.

Even though Automattic has since released WordPress 2.8, fear not, most recipes (if not all) should work with the latest WordPress versions.

Jung jumps right in, so be forewarned that readers should be fairly comfortable with PHP, CSS, FTP, MySQL, and WordPress functions. The plus, however, is that he does offer various ways to do a particular task, whether by developing code chunkets, performing some “hacks,” or installing and configuring particular plugins to perform the various tweaks.

Because we get asked to do some of the very same enhancements for our clients, our favorite recipes included how to:

  • Integrate Feedburner, Twitter, and Google Analytics
  • Install and configure plugins such as WP Database Backup, WP Super Cache, All in One SEO, and iWPhone for WordPress (great recommendations)
  • Display posts in various ways (via excerpting, showcasing by category, multi-column views, etc.)
  • Perform and integrate a variety of security, SEO, and advertising techniques (from simple tips to more complex interations)
  • Implement enhanced blog navigation with drop-down menus, breadcrumbs, and sidebar tabs

Like a cookbook, this book is not to be read from cover-to-cover like a novel, rather WeFixWP recommends that readers keep WordPress 2.7 Cookbook on their shelves ready to be referenced. Bloggers can leaf through it whenever want make their WordPress blog stand out or run better. Why? There’s a recipe for that.