Still have an aging, static HTML or Flash-based web presence? Now is the time to launch a more powerful WordPress-powered website.

What Are WordPress-Powered Websites?

WordPress-powered websites allow individuals and companies to create feature-rich online presences. You can launch a website that more capability as any traditional website by including interactive features such as a blog, commenting, social media integration, forums, and more. Because they can look and act just like any HTML website, there is no reason to not build on top of the WordPress platform.

Take advantage of WordPress and you’ll get a simple to use content management system that allows you to easily tell your story. Make it pop with a mixture of text, compelling imagery, helpful videos, and even podcasts.

Beyond the blog, you can even add slideshows and photo galleries, portfolios to show off what you do, contact forms, etc. Have something to sell? WordPress is more than capable of handling that. And with responsive and mobile-ready WordPress themes, your website is easily viewable on tablets and smart phones.

ContentRobot can build you a highly-customizable WordPress-powered website that makes your content look great, loads quickly, that can be found on Google, and adds to your bottom line.

Why Launch A WordPress-Powered Website?

WordPress-powered websites can be easily incorporated into any of your existing web, public relations, marketing, and social media plans. While there are a number of benefits to launching a WordPress-powered-website, here are our top five:

  1. It’s a easier and quicker than building and maintaining a traditional HTML and /or flash-based website
  2. You get control over your content and you don’t have to pay a developer to make a simple text change
  3. It’s search-engine friendly because Google (and others) loves fresh content
  4. It’s interactive and encourages many levels of communication from blog comments and post sharing on other outlets (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)
  5. It can help to build brands because you continually can showcase your products, services, talents, etc.

What ContentRobot Can Do For You

We help you get your brand noticed. Let us:

  • Lead key strategy and consulting sessions
  • Set you up on the host of your choice or help you find the perfect host for your website
  • Install WordPress and applicable plugins (we’ll keep them up-to-date, too)
  • Create a custom design that helps you attract clients and build your business
  • Develop your WordPress theme (we’ll even make it smart-phone ready)
  • Or tweak and enhance your existing off-the-shelf theme
  • Convert your content from your static site or even another CMS
  • Add cool features such as slideshows, e-commerce, social media integration, and more
  • Train you how to get the most out of your WordPress-powered website
  • Support you every step of the way