When you are business blogging, you should do many things — except maybe these three …

NO-NO #1: Talk about your blog more than you talk about your business.

Perhaps you really do have a state-of-the-art corporate blog – great! But guess what? Most of your visitors won’t care. It’s better to keep the focus of the conversation on your business offerings – not on the technology.

NO-NO #2. Have too few relevant, informative posts.

Learn to balance posting quality with quantity as you offer your readers the greatest amount and variety of information possible. For most business blogs, try to post at least two or three posts a week. If you can do more – do more!

NO-NO #3. Ignore people who care about your business.
Don’t kill the conversation – ask your readers questions, respond to their input. Don’t forgot to offer comments and trackbacks on your blog, even if you are afraid of spam. By making your readers feel important, your own importance will grow in their eyes.

Inspired by a post found on Easton Ellsworth’s often excellent BusinessBlogWire.