ContentRobot found this bit of inspiration at Tom Peters most interesting blog.

This is #39 of his 100 Success Tips:
Blog As If Your Life Depended On It!

Blogging, I firmly believe, is the premier emergent marketing-brandbuilding-lovemarkcreating tool of our times! It is the premier way to have intimate-engaging-informative-WOWing “conversations” with Clients and prospects! This all goes double for small enterprises and niche enterprises; and goes triple for the Professional Services; and works wonders in the Public Sector as well.

Do you see Blogging in these exalted lights? If not, why not? Please … Blog-As-If-Your-Professional-Success-Depended-On-It. (Hint: I think it does.)

Begin today! Appoint yourself Chief Blogging Officer. Or, better yet, Chief Intimate Client Conversations Officer!

We, of course agree whole-heartedly with the management guru! Businesses need include blogging as part of their marketing and brand building plans now.

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