Despite all the hype and publicity surrounding blogging, businesses still are slow to enter the blogosphere. Why?

ContentRobot believes it’s mainly because they they really just don’t know enough about what blogging is and the value it provides. We offer 3 reasons why blogs are good for business.

1. To open the lines of communication between themselves and the public.

Blogs can introduce personal contact and a dialogue with with the public. By being open and accessible, a business can show themselves as a group of “real people” who have a certain knowledge and expertise to share.

Who to reach out and talk to? Current and potential customers and clients, the news media, other business or professionals in the industry, or simply casual readers interested in your topic can benefit from your blog.

Blogging, then, can nurture trust and confidence as you regularly communicate with your readers. Remember, people are far more likely to purchase products and services from other people who they know and trust.

2. To act as networking tool.

Because writing blog posts is very personalized, the blog becomes a natural networking vehicle. Readers can interact with the writer(s) by submitting the blog comments and by sending e-mail. These interested contacts often lead eventually to many shared business opportunities.

3. To improve search engine rankings.

Blogs are very powerful tools for search engine results because of its keyword-rich fresh content and any incoming links. Readers will click to your blog and spend time with your brand, which in turn, encourages them to engage your services or buy your products with what you have to say.