Purpose: Bazaarblog is the company blog for Bazaarvoice. This Austin, TX-based company develops outsourced technology, services, analytics, and expertise to encourage and harness word of mouth marketing and bring it closer to a company’s brand and customer experience.

The blog will allow Bazaarvoice to share ideas and thoughts with prospects, clients, partners, analysts, press and marketers interested in improving online experience, conversion, and word of mouth. While Bazaarvoice had an initial blog presence, they sought ContentRobot to convert the blog from TypePad to WordPress with an all-new 3-column design and poise it for further growth.

Features: The WordPress platform offers Bazaarvoice a way to easily author the blog and manage comments to keep the conversation going. The new blog design stands alone, but is readily aligned with the Bazaarvoice brand.

The Bazaarblog readers can keep up with Bazaarvoice information, view Bazaarvoice’s favorite web sites and books, search for content, converse with the posts, sign-up for a newsletter, contact them with a handy form, and subscribe to the feed. On the back-end, Bazaarvoice tracks it all with Feedburner statistics and Performancing blog metrics.

Why It’s Successful: This conversion of the site from TypePad to WordPress was a success. ContentRobot was able to take a basic blog, convert the existing content into the new format, and add a myriad of features so that Bazaarvoice can author and manage its new blog. We are sure that their readership will increase and the new company will become even more visible. It was a fun project that allowed ContentRobot to flex its technical, design, and training muscles.

Go check out Bazaarblog!