Not blogging yet? ContentRobot offers 5 reasons why you should be.

1. Publishing Content is Easier.
Blog posts can be written with minimal knowledge of HTML, can be done from any browser, can be written at any time (even multiple times per day), and you don’t need a big team of web specialists to update your content.

2. Blogs Make it More Personal
Blogs are not written by corporations, but are written by people. When bloggers infuse their personalities into their posts, blogs become more alive and interesting.

3. Conversations are Encouraged
Trackbacks and comments allow blog visitors to get involved and shape conversations. When done in the proper spirit, blogs are just better at building a community than websites.

4. Promoting Content is Automatic
Because most blog software pings (or broadcasts that an update has been made) or technorati or other ping servers, your relevant posts can get indexed quickly around the Internet.

5. Content Can Be Syndicated
Blog software allows your content to be syndicated via RSS or news feeds. This helps your blog fans to stay in touch with what you are doing. Encourage your visitors to come back to your blog regularly or (even better) subscribe to your news feed for any and all updates.