With the many articles out there on what you should do with your blog, here are 5 things you should never do.

1. Give up on Your Blog Project Too Soon
Be patient and focussed on what you want your blog to achieve – 2 months is too short to abandon your ideas.

2. Become Obsessed with One Element of Blogging
Common disorders include:

  • “Design Tweaking” where you continually play with the CSS, the navigation, and adding other elements at random, often causing a strange result.
  • “Income Distraction” where you target their advertising, SEO, link building above all else.
  • “Technology Rut” where you try out all kinds of blogging tools and platforms for the fun of it.

Balance your design, advertising, technical, and content requirements!

3. Make Big Claims and Don’t Follow Through
If you constantly make claims and announcements about your grand vision but never go beyond the planning stage, you’ll find your readership leaving in droves. Be careful about biting off more than you can chew.

4. Plagiarize, Steal and Give as Little Credit to Others as Possible
You mostly risk the wrath of other bloggers here, but being pegged as a splogger is something you should not aspire to. Be generous and credit your sources when your reporting isn’t enough. [ Thanks to problogger for the inspiration for this artice. ]

5. Be Unoriginal
Don’t pick a popular blog template, choose a topic that everyone else uses, and cut-and-paste someone else’s content – boring. Make it yours.

5 Tips to Keep You Going
1. Stay on topic.
2. Stay passionate.
3. Write consistently, not just in spurts or silences.
4. Plan ahead where possible.
5. Improve where and when necessary.