As we head into the final quarter of 2007, we offer a variety of ways to get your blog noticed.

1. Start with a Great Design

Your mother was right — first impressions do count. An eye-catching professional design will go a long way toward:

  • Showing you are serious about your blog (and care about your readers)
  • Branding you (and your company) properly
  • Attracting new and repeat visitors (who may be encouraged to subscribe to your content)

2. Create Some Unique and Fun Content

Posts that have something different to say often garner the most attention. Consider:

  • Doing interviews with other bloggers or “movers and shakers” in your industry (and get them to link and cross promote you in the process)
  • Having contests and polls (they can encourage participation and buzz)
  • Giving away free stuff like ebooks, whitepapers, etc. (don’t forget to include a link to your site)

3. Optimize that Blog

Even if you don’t have time to keep up with the latest search engines methods, these tried-and-true techniques can help:

  • Taking the time to craft keyword-rich headlines and title tags
  • Writing posts with specific keywords in mind
  • Enabling trackbacks and pings in your blog software (and consider taking advantage of Google sitemaps)
  • Submitting your site to search engines and blog directories

4. Get the Word Out

There are a variety of techniques to promote your blog. Try:

  • Publishing press releases (particularly useful if you have something new, unique, or important to offer)
  • Joining blog carnivals and blog networks (good for in-bound links)
  • Participating in forums and other blogs (make sure you have something to add to the conversation)
  • Offering full RSS feeds (while they might not click to your blog, loyal readers often stay subscribed)

5. Be Social

Become part of a bigger community. Some ideas include:

  • Creating Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn profiles (link to friends and colleagues)
  • Making friends with other bloggers and other virtual groups (networking is key)
  • Submitting stories to Digg, del.ici.ous, and Stumble Upon
  • Offering to be a guest blogger (get credibility)
  • Answering your email and responding to your blog’s comments (give back and show you care)