Chris Garrett wrote in his story the ways How Could Bad Blogging Hurt Your Company today.

He made these five great points:

  1. Saying Something Damaging
    Because internet news travels at light speed, provides its own evidence, and is hard to erase, it can be devastating to your reputation. Be sure to be aware of potential legalities, accuracy, and intellectual property issues when blogging.
  2. Not Responding to an Issue
    By not posting, you can come off as being evasive, exactly the opposite of the transparency that a blog can help you to attain.
  3. Over-Prioritizing the Blog
    Remember the blog is only part of your bag of tricks, not your only strategy. While the benefits are great, there are other ways to promote your company.
  4. Using the Blog as Distraction From Work
    Blogging can take people away from their “real jobs” – don’t lose focus of your core activities because you are having too much fun.

  5. Starting Then Abandoning Your Blog
    You worked hard to build your readership, you have to work just as hard to keep it. Go into it realizing you have to keep at it for the long term, or risk disappointing a lot of fans.

Also, he reminded us that:

  • Blogs may not be “magic bullet” solution because blogging is not for everyone.
  • Blogs are not the only way to market, build an audience, and attract search engine visibility.
  • Blogs are not free, as there are several costs to consider from initial setup through staff maintenance.
  • Blog writing can be time consuming, particularly for good, consistent, plentiful ideas and posts.

We agree with Chris’ excellent post, blogging isn’t something to tread into lightly. But take the time to determine why you want to blog and then plan to keep at it.