When you think about it, blogging is really just writing. But writing for the web is different than writing books, brochures, or even email. Here are 5 tips to get you thinking about how to blog (er, write) better.

Tip 1: Get to the Point
Because you have less than a second to capture your reader’s attention, you have to make your point quickly. This means grabbing them within your first 200 words or 2-3 sentences.

Try to entice your visitors wherever you can, while they are reading your site, feed, or search engine summary. This means taking the time to edit your posts, so you’ll have a better chance to clarify your writing, and that your ideas come through.

Tip 2: Be Short – With Your Paragraphs
Blog writing, in general, lends itself to shorter sentences and paragraphs. This is because it’s easier to read smaller chunks on a web page. Web readers want information fast and readable, so think “bullets” and other ways to keep it punchy.

Tip 3: Keywords Are King
Learn how to write keyword-rich content to increase your page ranking for Google and to get higher indexing on other major search engines. Don’t just concentrate on writing for machines, however, these keywords will also help your reader know exactly what you are writing about.

Tip 4: Watch Your Language
No, we’re not talking about swearing. Don’t forget to take the time to explain what industry jargon, acronyms, or obscure terms really mean. Never assume everyone in your audience knows exactly what you are talking about.

Tip 5: Write Like You Talk
Be sure to write in a conversational style so that your readers can better relate to you. Let your personality shine through as you share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and knowledge. Finally, make your readers think, laugh, rant, etc. If you write with passion, they’ll respond in kind.