To help spread holiday cheer, ContentRobot has created an animated header with falling snow for the WordPress default (Kubrick) theme. You can easily add this Flash-based header to your site and it will overlay falling snow on top of your existing header graphic. No fiddling with Flash necessary, simply upload a few files to your server and the snow automatically appears!

The “Snowified” header is easily customized via a simple text file.

  • Choose from three different snowflake styles.
  • Customizable flake fall speed and rotation amount.
  • Choose to display the blog’s title and description within the Flash file (or hide it if your logo is part of your header image).
  • Dynamically loads external header JPEG behind falling snow.
  • Chose to display snow within the rounded area of the header or have the snow fill the full header.

The header includes Flash detection code that only shows the animated header to visitors that have the correct version of the Flash plugin installed, otherwise the usual static JPEG image is shown.

Click here to download the snowified header for WordPress (installation instructions are included in the download).

If you use our header on your site, please post a link to it in the comments below.

If there is enough interest, we will also consider converting it to a real WordPress plugin or make it available for other popular themes in the future – let us know.

Happy Holidays from ContentRobot!