rss-chickletYesterday,  TechCrunch posted an obituary for RSS. Of course, many of the Twitterati nodded their heads vigorously in agreement.

While Twitter and its tools garner all the publicity as the technology du jour, it is not the savior or replacement to RSS. So don’t be so quick to toss that RSS reader!

Here are three reasons why we believe that RSS is not dead:

  • Scanning through your subscribed content is infinitely more efficient than sifting through all the Twitter banter to find the gem or two of the day
  • Newsreaders can display entire blog posts, images, audio, video, related links instead of the necessary, but cryptic “tiny” URL
  • RSS allows you to go beyond the headlines, bash through the 140 character limitation, and get more insightful, in-depth information

ContentRobot continues to be amazed with all the recent pronouncements of all-things dead (from blogging to MySpace to digg). Though they make great headlines, all these tech tools have their place. Can’t we all just get along?