We found a great article focused on blogs as a great marketing medium from CRM Magazine‘s January issue. It basically says that blogging allows marketers to start conversations with prospects and customers through a powerful new avenue of communication. Some excerpt are below.

Marketing has always been about balancing company interest with customer interest, but now it is becoming more about opening dialogue and building trust. Blogs have moved nto the corporate world, enhancing typical marketing techniques by allowing companies to talk to their customers directly–and by allowing companies to listen to what customers are saying.

Smart companies are trying to catalyze and cultivate a community with that group, inviting members into a dialogue without being intrusive. Access the market by building it around you then provide insight and influence.

Companies can use blogging to indirectly fine-tune their marketing messages through social interactions. With other customer communication avenues, companies may be using the wrong language or addressing the wrong audience, but blogging enables faster feedback and a more strategic understanding of where the market is heading.

From a competitive standpoint, blogging demonstrates to customers that a company cares about its products and customers.

It’s no longer about getting a lead for sales and having them start the conversation; now marketing starts the conversation. It’s about dialogue because customers are interested in your opinion, not so much your sales pitch.

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