While some blogs launch with a big splash, there are advantages to slowly laying a foundation to maximize your success.

1. Cost
Big bang means big budget. Can you play for advertising? Do you have a tangible killer, unique offering? If you don’t have the extra cash or the goods, consider adding time to make up for the funds instead.

2. Risk
Loud can get you noticed fast, but it can also expose any cracks of your plan and magnify any weaknesses. Can you afford to lose your investment should things go sour? If not, then consider a small investment first and build from there.

3. Changes
If you want to be nimble and tweak as you go, then slow and steady may be best. Why? After working to gain a loyal following, it’s harder and more noticeable to make changes to a larger audience (who you may disenfranchise). Remember, it is easier to make mistakes when you are more anonymous.

4. Management
More complex projects need more project management, good leadership, clear vision, and overall organization. Smaller projects merely need persistence, effort, and perserverance to be successful, especially if you lack the resources.

5. Fear
Do you have fear of failure, looking stupid, or appearing like a fraud? Keeping it simple can minimize your fears.

6. Ease
If you do not need big results right away then why cause yourself extra hassle and stress?

7. Patience
Early stages of a blog launch requires patience. You may not see fantastic results for weeks, maybe months. There are always exceptions of course, but don’t expect much. Instead, use this time to build good solid foundations, not go after instant riches.

8. Build
Build up content and profile, which builds traffic and eventually leads to revenue. Create lots of posts that bring in lots of visitors who subscribe, and tell others, who bring in more, and so on.

In Sum
Don’t be put off thinking you need to create a big budget production. Plan your project as best as you can before a single pixel hits the screen. Then, with your continued passion and connection with your readers, you can get the results you desire. Get blogging!