Now that a lot of the technical groundwork has been laid, it’s time to focus on the content. What topics will the Timex blog cover? What will be important to the readers? Since the blog is all about the Timex-sponsored athletes, what kinds of content should be included?

The Taxonomy
The taxonomy is basically a system of classification that describes the site’s contents as a whole. Blog categories help to define the topics, group the contents, and create relationships between the posts on the site. Approach the blog’s taxonomy like you would determine a web site’s site map.

As of today, the initial athlete blog taxonomy is unfolding as such (the main categories are show with one dash and subcategories are shown with two dashes):

– Athletes
– Racing
– – Race Events
– – Race Reports
– Training
– – Diet & Nutrition
– – Injuries
– Watches
– – What the Athletes Wear
– – Reviews

The great thing about blogs (as compared to traditional web sites) is that its taxonomy can be built and/or modified on-the-fly should new topics arise or change in some way.

Navigation & Static Pages
Besides the blog posts, there are static pages that every blog needs. The athlete blog’s main navigation will look something like this: About | Athletes | Race Events | News | Contact Us. The secondary navigation includes Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages.

Writing the Content
All the Timex athletes will be encouraged to author the blog and contribute as much of their experience as they can while on the tour. All the posts will be written in their own words and they are looking forward to communicating with their fans.

Be sure to develop a strategic, but flexible content strategy. This can include: defining your topics, deciding who your authors will be, and determining your short- and long-term blog post goals.

Follow ContentRobot as we reveal the strategies and best practices we used when developing the Timex athlete blog and how we’d approach your business blog project.

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