Affiliate Blogging: Finding a WordPress Theme

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of WordPress themes available. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) they run the gamut: Many themes are very badly done, but some have very nice implementations Many feature minor modifications of existing themes with new names on them, but some are unique Some are free, but many … Read More

Affiliate Blogging: Hosting Considerations

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Welcome to the technical portion of our program. While everyone wants to get right to blogging, you have to know where the website is gonna be stored, right? There are alot of hosting packages with a variety of price points. It can be overwhelming to find the right one for your affiliate blog. We offer … Read More

Affiliate Blogging: Product Focus

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What is the ContentRobot affiliate blog gonna focus on? If you are familiar with our team, you’ll notice a strong affinity for Apple stuff (can you say fanboy/fangirl). Between us we have a stash of desktops, laptops, iPods, iPhones, and even a Mac TV (Not to be confused with the Apple TV, although we have … Read More

Affiliate Marketing: What Are the Options?

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Thanks to Carsten Cumbrowski for offering this very detailed overview (and evolution) of the affiliate marketing options available. The Pay-Per-Impression / Cost-Per-Mil* (CPM) Model (*Mil = 1000) The merchant site pays the affiliate $x.xx amount of money for every 1000 impressions. An “impression” is NOT a click; it is a page view or display of … Read More

Affiliate Blogging: Planning the Blog

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In recent days, we took the advice of some affiliate experts, and spent some time getting up to speed on affiliate marketing as well as researching the major and niche players in the industry. Excited, ContentRobot was ready to jump right in and sign up with several affiliate companies to see which ones can offer … Read More

Affiliate Blogging: Getting Started

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ContentRobot, while WordPress Experts, are definitely newbies when it comes to affiliate marketing. We asked some industry gurus the following question: What should newbies know about affiliate marketing to attain some success with their sites? – is it what they sell? – is it what programs they sign up with? – anything else they should … Read More

Affiliate Blogging: Who Can We Affiliate With?

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So what companies can we affiliate with? Who has solid, easy-to-use, decent pay-out programs that we can take advantage of? The possibilities are mind-boggling, but here is what we found out so far. The Big Players These are some of the popular ones in the world of affiliates: Commission Junction LinkShare ShareASale

Affiliate Blogging

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As some of you may already know, ContentRobot is heading to Las Vegas next in February to speak at Affiliate Summit. Today we’d like to announce a month-long experiment: the development of our own affiliate-centric blog. But here’s the fun part, we’ll let you in on what we’ve learned along the way, including: our approach … Read More