ContentRobot launched the Education Insider blog-powered website today. This site’s goal is to connect public school stakeholders with state education policy in an entirely new way.

Education Insider wanted to develop a website that would package certain topic much like a printed edition. When they write stories and choose the appropriate categories (see them below), they are published together on the front page to comprise a “publication.” When Education Insider chooses other categories, the posts will be displayed in the blog and not as part of the publication.


  • The site focuses on a specific issue per month, reporting within the following categories: “On The Table (news and developments),” “Backstory” (background and perspective), “Commentary” (editorial observations) and “What You Can Do” (action items).
  • They also discuss a variety of other stories and information in their blog.
  • When visitors land on the Education Insider site, they’ll notice that they can initially see only article teasers. Registered members get the entire article.
  • Readers to get latest information by tracking with an RSS feed or receiving an emailed newsletter.
  • An informative video resides on the home page, and they expect to create podcasts in the future.

ContentRobot WordPress Customizations

  • By creating specific categories, CR could indicate where to publish and display these related articles.
  • The site grants entire article access to only its registered members.

Read more the Education Insider blog-powered website with our case study. Then go check out the Education Insider Blog-Powered Website!