affiliate-summitAffiliate Summit, the wildly successful affiliate marketing conference, wanted to re-brand their site with a new design.

ContentRobot took that challenge one step further. We then optimized the design to reside on top of a WordPress platform, starting with an original concept from TCP Global Solutions. The result was a dynamic blog-powered website.

The home page features were developed with a bunch of various coding techniques. Here’s how that was all done:

  • The latest conference detail is shown from a particular a post
  • The latest and/or upcoming conferences derived from the site description
  • The past attendee testimonials pulled in from the blogroll feature
  • The latest blog posts about the upcoming conference pulled in by tag
  • Twitter feeds are displayed from a (rather temperamental) plugin
  • All blog posts displayed from an RSS widget
  • Forum posts displayed from a widget

The conference began in 2003, which meant there was lots and lots of content to be converted (read “cut and paste”) and over 300 WP pages were created. Their blog, which was already on WordPress, was a lot easier to integrate, as we merely had to upgrade the software, install and configure the plugins and widgets, and import the existing posts and comments.

The blog featured our favorite plugins:

  • All in One SEO Pack (Get your SEO on)
  • Google Analytics for WordPress (Track your stats)
  • Google XML Sitemaps (More SEO goodness)
  • IntenseDebate (Great commenting system)
  • iWPhone (View the site on your iPhone)
  • Redirection (Redirect those php pages to WordPress permalinks
  • Simple Trackback Validation (Kill trackback spam in its tracks)
  • Sticky Menu (Easily maintain the menu system)
  • Viper’s Video Quicktags (Add any video to any page or post)

Despite the site’s technical underpinnings, ContentRobot made it easy for the Affiliate Summit team to maintain for current and new conferences alike. It was a great project and hope that the conference continues to grow along with the new site.

Check out the site >