Brand Hijack: Marketing Without MarketingContentRobot has just finished a great read: Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing by Alex Wipperfurth.

brand hijack: consumer takeover (synonym). The consumer’s act of commandeering a brand from the marketing professionals and driving its evolution.

The Book’s Premise:

  • Let the marketplace take over.
  • Stop clamoring for control and learn to be spontaneous.
  • Be bold enough to accept a certain degree of uncertainty in defining your brands.

Some Interesting Thoughts

  • Brand hijacking is about allowing consumers (and other stack-holders) to shape brand loyalty, as opposed to mere retention.
  • It’s about being willing to collaborate with a group of people you are not used to collaborating with: customers.
  • The concept of “brand” has evolved from a functional product and personal experience to tribal tool and cultural symbol.
  • People involve themselves in brands because they offer a vision that they can identify with, and one they want be involved more deeply.
  • Your most passionate users will provide you with critical insights into how to evolve your brand – just trust them. Listen, respond, and be ready to take it into new directions.
  • Brand hijacking rewrites the job description of the traditional brand manager into a facilitator.

Who’s ready for a hijack?

Companies who:

  • Appear to be evolving but not necessarily revolutionary.
  • Appear to be honest and authentic.
  • Appear innovative and creative.
  • Appear to have strong moral character.
  • Appear to be proactive and look ahead.
  • Appear to be altruistic in nature.

The book will take you through the steps of getting your brand hijacked. It also weaves brand successes and failures like: Starbucks, eBay, Palm, Red Bull, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Levi Strauss, Apple, Dr. Martens, Napster, Mattel, the Blair Witch Movie, Netflix, the Howard Dean campaign, and more.

What it Means for Business Blogs
Collaborating with your customers can take you to new heights with your brand. One of the best ways to get to the hearts and minds of your consumers is to, of course, create an open and earnest blogging campaign.

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